The English Student I Should Have Been

The English student I should have been looks intelligent And he always dresses nicely He would have longer hair But not too long and parted at the side […]

Surveillance on the Internet

The Internet has presented citizens around the world with a new medium with which to communicate. The Internet also referred to as cyberspace has truly developed into a new kind of space. In this space, everyone can have a voice. Unlike real space, in cyberspace, it is very easy to reach a large audience without having to seek out the services of a publishing agency. The Internet has also revolutionized peer-to-peer communication. E-mail and instant messaging has provided a faster, more efficient and often more convenient form of peer-to-peer communication. However, along with new methods of communication, has emerged a new medium for criminals. Criminals have found it easier and often safer to communicate via e-mail as opposed to the telephone as this avoids the possibility of wiretaps. Such instances of criminal use of the Internet include instances of espionage, and drug trafficking. The Internet has also led to the creation of a new kind of crime — cyber crime. […]


The mild air of spring chirping birds fly through the sky such a peaceful day. […]