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Kenshin « carlos-m.net


This poem was written on March 15, 2001 for English class with Chantel Acevedo while I was in 12th grade at Winchester Thurston School. The assignment was to create a “slam” style poem.


The mild air of spring
chirping birds fly through the sky
such a peaceful day.
At the marketplace,
I am tasked with buying fish
the daisho is worn.
Walking to my house
I hear the gait of someone
suspicious behind.
Further up the road
an assassin to the left
I need to buy rice.
And then I see him
Hitokiri Battosai
he never loses.
He must be the one
the one chosen for my death
all who cross him die.
I do not fear death
I know I stand for justice
serenity reigns.
He calls me by name
I smile and show my respect
his daito is drawn.
As he approaches
his sword ready to bring death
I draw and kill him.
A flick of the wrist
removes the blood on my sword
the sky is so blue.

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