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The English Student I Should Have Been

This poem was written on March 18, 2001 for English class with Chantel Acevedo while I was in 12th grade at Winchester Thurston School. This was also intended to be a “slam” style poem.

The characters depicted and referenced in this poem are purely fictional. Any semblance to persons living or dead are entirely coincidental.

The English Student I Should Have Been

The English student I should have been looks intelligent
And he always dresses nicely
He would have longer hair
But not too long and parted at the side

He would understand poetry
He would always see the hidden meanings
And his opinions would always be correct

In class he would cross his legs and say things like
I really like your shoes
and when he gets his tests back he would say something along the lines of
and let me see if I can get this right
Deeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaam boy. I got bum-rushed
93.2, what did you get?

Outside of class, he would say such things as
now that is bumpin or biz-numpin if you will
or perhaps
bomb diz nigity
and he would address people as Riz-noy, Biz-nyron, Liz-nindsey and Hiz-nesky.

This person is the perfect English student
He understands everything and he always does his work
In fact, he spends a lot of time doing his homework
Although he would claim that never does work at home
And that he never studies

Unfortunately, I am not the perfect English student
I have a hard time understanding poems much less writing them
I never see the hidden meanings
And my opinions are always wrong

I never compliment the way my English teacher dresses
I always manage to perform fairly well; not good
and I’m not in danger of failing English
That would be unpossible!

No, I’m not the English student I should have been
But then again, my friends have yet to say that I’m

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