Oakland (of Pittsurgh)

The afternoon sun shines on the grass covered hill Families come accompanying young children Students of the nearby colleges walk from their dorms Frisbees fly through the air The Cathedral of Learning serves as a backdrop to people setting up the large white screen […]


Aya and Nicole were best friends since grade school. They met at the San Francisco Conservatory where their parents had taken them every week for music lessons since they were both four years old. At the time, Aya was learning to play the violin and Nicole was learning to play the cello. For her age, Aya was remarkably good at the violin. Nicole longed to play as well as Aya — so much so that for a long time, she begged her parents to allow her to quit the cello to take up the violin. However, around the time when the girls turned thirteen, they found that their true calling was singing. But this was not the extent of their talents. By the time they were in high school, they were both accomplished dancers and played leading roles in their school’s musicals. […]

How to Fulfill Your CS Major Writing Requirement Or, At Least Half of It

First, discard the notion of hating English that you’ve harbored throughout high school and take confidence in your ability to write essays. Forget the fact that you got a D on your first essay for Rites of Passage freshman year. Don’t worry that you got C’s on all the rest of the essays even after your teacher promised you that your writing would improve. Don’t worry that you averaged a C on all your essays in history and English sophomore year. Instead take comfort in the fact that you got your first A on an essay when you discussed the Economic Development of New York in the Mid-Nineteenth Century in the second semester junior year. Besides, you got A’s on all (four) of your essays senior year. Having done this, you will immediately discard the notion of taking Expository Writing which would introduce you to academic composition through a variety of essay types. […]