An evening in the life of Carlos Macasaet: Teach Soo Bahk Do from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. As usual hardly anyone shows up. You are grateful, however, for the two dedicated students that you’re fortunate to have. Get home at 9:30pm and spend half an hour washing the dishes that you’ve allowed to pile up for […]

I had my first classes yesterday. They were not too too bad. The Calc III professor managed to cover in two lectures what my Physics I professor covered in ten minutes. I learned more from the photography book that I had fortunately brought to class. Today, in Linear Algebra with Differential Equations, the professor derived […]

And So it Begins

Ugh…. classes start in three days. For those of you interested, I will be taking Calc III, Pysics II with lab and Data Structures. I will probably also add Linear Algebra with Differential Equations and there’s a slim chance that I will try to get into History of East Asia. If anyone is interested in […]

First Entry. So I’ve created a weblog. Yay . So here, I’ll put random ramblings. This will seldomly be updated. Newest News. Voice lessons are going well. I’m on my second song now!


Sa Mendez ako kumitang liwanag Amat Ina ko poy anak din sa hirap Sa sinop ni Ama at kay Inang sikap Maligaya po kami sa lahat ng oras. […]