And So it Begins

Ugh…. classes start in three days. For those of you interested, I will be taking Calc III, Pysics II with lab and Data Structures. I will probably also add Linear Algebra with Differential Equations and there’s a slim chance that I will try to get into History of East Asia. If anyone is interested in buying a Calculus I/II book, I have Calculus: One Variable by Salas, Hille and Etgen, eigth edition. ISBN 0-471-31658-X. Condition is almost new. I also have the Student Solutions Manual in almost new condition. ISBN: 0-471-32959-2. In other news, times are being scheduled for the Soo Bahk Do club at the new Athletic Center. So, when the spring term starts, we should be having three or four classes a week. Once the times are confirmed, I will post them on my webpage. One year ago today, I fractured my clavicle, rendering me unable to play hockey for the duration of the season. I haven’t been on the ice since then — boy do I miss it.

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