Post Spring Break

Spring break provided a nice respite from the anxieties of school. While I did not get as much work accomplished as I had wanted to, I must say that it was fruitful nonetheless. However, upon returning, to school on Sunday, I was met by an onslaught of things to do. Sunday and Monday were spent preparing for my Physics midterm on Tuesday, which, surprisingly easier than I had expected. […]

Pre Spring Break

How could this day possibly be more perfect? It’s the last day of class before spring break and it’s 70 degrees out. It’s a bit depressing, though, everyone’s leaving except for me — I don’t leave until tomorrow. It’s also too bad that none of my friends from Pittsburgh have Spring breaks that overlap with […]

This weekend has been pretty hectic — in good ways and bad, but mostly good. Friday was my suitemate’s birthday, and so a bunch of us went to dinner with his family. Also that night, several of my roommate’s friends from high school came over. But the bad part was that since Thursday, I had […]

Chuck’s Wedding and Studying

I finally get to update my website. I’ve been so bogged down with studying for finals and finishing final projects that I haven’t had time to do much of anything. Things I’ve given up since the the work has started piling on (in the order that I gave them up): updating my website, printing photos, […]

In one afternoon, I taught myself the first three chapters of our Calculus III text book for the midterm tomorrow. The material is easy enough, but there is so much of it. This will be one of the hardest easy tests I will take.