Post Spring Break

Spring break provided a nice respite from the anxieties of school. While I did not get as much work accomplished as I had wanted to, I must say that it was fruitful nonetheless. However, upon returning, to school on Sunday, I was met by an onslaught of things to do. Sunday and Monday were spent preparing for my Physics midterm on Tuesday, which, surprisingly easier than I had expected. I spent the rest of Tuesday preparing for my Data Structures midterm the next day. This Wednesday was probably the busiest one I had so far. After my classes and piano lesson, I had my Soo Bahk Do test. I think it went pretty well. I met my instructor’s master, Sa Bom Nim Colston. He was a very good teacher — after the test, I left with a much better understanding of the art. The only downside was that it ran very late. It was almost 11:00pm by the time I got home. After dinner from the local Uni Mini Mart, it was time to do the two problem sets that were due on Thursday. First I went to the library, but when they closed at 2:00am, I relocated to the Hut. When I finally finished my homework, it was 5:30am. As I was walking back to Wolman, the sun was just beginning to rise. With the hardest part of the week over, I decided not to do any work on Thursday. However, I did outline all of the courses which I want to take for the next three years. It is here, if you are interested. Well, now it’s time to study for my LADE midterm on Monday.

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