Las Vegas

So I haven’t updated this in a long time. That’s only partially because my ACM password expired and I couldn’t fix it for a while. So here’s a recent update of my life thus far.

I spent last week in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Flamingo, right in the middle of the Strip. There was a bit of a mix-up when we first arrived at the hotel. It seemed that our rooms on the 27th floor were not yet ready and so they had to temporarily room us on the 28th (top) floor. The room assigned to the guys (Jordan, Jason and myself) turned out to be the most interesting. It was adjacent to the presidential suite and the doors connecting the two rooms just happened to be left open. So naturally, I wandered over. The place was huge. Soon, however, I noticed that there was still food on the table and the room was still being “lived in”. It was quite creepy. Imagine a scene from CSI. I’ll have pictures up soon.

As I expected, there was not much to do for the under 21 crowd. However, I did manage to have a good time. One of our more exciting excursions through the forum at Caesar’s Palace involved catching a glimpse of Michael Jackson shopping. I also finally made it to the Star Trek Experience. It was located at the Las Vegas Hilton out in the middle of nowhere. A bus was able to take us somewhat close to the hotel, but we still had to walk a significant distance to get there. Once we got there, however, it was awesome. It had a Star Trek museum and an “experience” that involved walking through the halls of the Enterprise and a ride on a shuttlecraft. You can tell that it was designed to be very realistic. The only thing I would suggest to make it better would be more actors to add to the realism. Despite that, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was every Star Trek fan’s dream come true. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Even Jason, who is not known to be a fan of Star Trek liked it. For me, this was probably the highlight of the trip.

Jason and I also got to see the Flamingo’s own in-house revue: Bottoms Up. They were giving out free admission passes on all the street corners for this, “the only topless afternoon show”. Since we did not have anything else to do, and since it was “free” (nothing is really free in Vegas), we decided to give it a shot. When we went to redeem the passes for tickets, however, we learned that the stipulation for the free tickets was that we each buy a drink. So we paid 14 usd for those and along with the tickets, we each received a coupon for a free drink at any bar. Those did not do us much good since we were not allowed anywhere near the bars even to buy a Pepsi. When we eventually got to the theatre, we were greeted by an usher whose sole job was to show us each to a seat. He says to us, “You guys want good seats? It’s a good show, ya know… you want good seats?”

“Sure,” we reply. There was a bit of an awkward pause as we waited for him to show us to our seats until Jason realised what he was waiting for. So, he slapped a five dollar bill into his hand — it was the smallest bill either of us had — and the usher seated us at a table in the front.

The show was mediocre. It was entertaining. Some of the jokes were funny but some of them were just very much not so. But for 19 usd total, it wasn’t bad. Afterward, I was able to buy a t-shirt and get it signed by a couple of the showgirls. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Finally, I saw Lance Burton for the second time. His performance wasn’t as crisp as usual, but it was still quite entertaining. That’s another show that I would recommend for anyone.

All in all, Vegas was fun, but a week was way too long to spend there. Other news: I went to the Creed concert in Pittsburgh. I like Creed and they put on a really good show, but it was a bit difficult to appreciate because the speakers were so loud that they distorted the sound a bit, especially the vocals.

Wow, this is an incredibly long post. I admire you for reading through all 827 words. Now I need to finish The Russian Debutante’s Handbook because it’s due back tomorrow and I can’t renew it because someone has requested it. Aside from that, I get to look forward to getting my stuff together for school and a weekend trip to Montreal just before I go back.

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