Montreal Trip

My aunt and I just got back from Montreal. It was pretty cool. I was able to practice my French a little bit. I think three days was a good amount of time to spend there. After a while, we started to get bored because the city is so small that when we’d go exploring, we would run into the same streets over and over again. And the Latin and Chinese quarters were pretty small as well. It took us about half an hour each to completely explore the areas. All in all, however, I thought Montreal was a really nice city. There were plenty of shopping areas and the Metro proved to be very convenient.

I got back to Pittsburgh on Monday then the next day we pulled out all the seats in our Honda Oddessey and moved my stuff into the new apartment. The place is really cool, but it’s kinda far from the rest of campus. Also, the key cards that they gave us won’t open the front door and that the security guards are mean and don’t open the door when you can’t get in. It’s really good to be back in Baltimore though. My schedule looks promising with no class before 10:00am. They start tomorrow, so we’ll see how they go.

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