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One World Cafe

The One World Café is a small restaurant and coffee shop located at 100 West University Parkway right next to the Inn at the Colonnade and across the street from Homewood Field. The ambiance is very nice. As per the “preferred dining experience”, the lights are dimmed to provide a more intimate setting. Also contributing to the intimate setting is the fact that the dining area is small so that you never feel isolated, yet not so much so that it feels cramped. It is perfect for a romantic date. However, it is also an ideal locale for meetings with foreign nationals who would like to maintain a certain level of privacy while conducting business in public. Just be careful if you are not observant, it will be easy to overlook people posing as regular diners in one of the several dark corners.

The interior decorator paid a lot of attention to detail. The furniture complements the tiles on the floor and the light fixtures complement the furniture. Even the plates and the felt on the pool table match the colours of the walls. Inside, the place is divided into two sections. One half contains a bar, couches, and small tables at which you can enjoy coffee and desserts. The other half is the general dining area. The One World Café has a unique character to it that you will not find in any other Café or restaurant.

Also worthy of mention is the pool table at the rear of the dining area that comes complete with a wide selection of quality cues. Overhead lamps provide proper illumination for the table while not compromising the intimate atmosphere. The result is one of the most memorable pool shooting experiences you will ever have at an eating establishment. Indeed, I can say that when I was there, it was some of the best pool I’ve ever had.

The One World Café menu caters primarily to a vegetarian and vegan crowd. They offer a multitude of courses featuring tofu, eggplant and other such non-meat products as the primary ingredient. Of course, not everything is vegetarian; but don’t go here if you’re craving meat. For those less versed in vegetarian cuisine, on the back of the menu is an extensive glossary explaining the ingredients of their specialised cuisines. Vegetarians cannot go wrong by choosing the One World Café, but I would only recommend it to the more adventurous of meat eaters.

The One World Café is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast items average five dollars each. Lunch will cost you around eight dollars. Also for the same price, you can get one of their several salad meals. Dinner entrees average 13 dollars and include a very organic salad. The food itself is very good and comes in decently sized portions. It is also well known for its desserts. Everyday, they offer a different selection of various cakes and tarts, which they display proudly in a glass cabinet near the entrance. For the most part, the waiters and waitresses were very courteous, however service could have been more prompt.

In conclusion, the ambiance of One World Café is a pleasant departure from the archetypal restaurants and coffee shops. Its location conveniently places it within easy walking distance from the Homewood campus. They offer an unparalleled selection of vegetarian and vegan cuisine and don’t forget to leave room for dessert.


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