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Billiards and Film « carlos-m.net

Billiards and Film

Anxiety plagued
longing to make my shots curve
at last, I massé

Hable con Ella was an excellent film. Some argue that it is Almodóvar’s best film so far. As of yet, I have only seen the film once, so I neither agree nor disagree — but I entertain the possibility. It was probably the best movie I’ve seen recently, and that is saying quite a bit since I am comparing it to Y Tu Mamá También, El Crimen del Padre Amaro, Heavenly Creatures, Huit Femmes and Alice et Martin. Naturally, I also highly recommend any of the aforementioned films. I didn’t quite get all of Huit Femmes when I saw it because, there were no subtitles, but I still enjoyed it. And the score was great.

In unrelated news, I finally gave a name to my not so new pool cue — Siofra.

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