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Post Semester and Post Germany « carlos-m.net

Post Semester and Post Germany

Finally the stress-filled semester has come to an end. After moving my stuff out of my apartment back to my home in Pittsburgh, I flew to Germany for vacation. I spent a week touring various cities in the Bayern region as well as Innsbruck and Salzburg in Austria. It was a very pleasant trip.

As usual there were no billiards parlours to be found anywhere in the area we stayed. This time, however, I did see an advirtisement for an establishment called the Lyons Pub, which boasted pool tables as well as proximity to our hotel. Naturally we had to investigate this venue. The advirtisement said it was located on 20 Rossenheimer Str. From our hotel, we took the subway two stops down to 50 Rossenheimer Str. From there, we walked along the street as the numbers descended. Eventually we reached number 14. Thinking we had missed it, we backtracked less than a block and found ourselves at number 30. This was quite odd, so we inquired at several establishments and none of them had heard of this place nor knew how to find number 20. I was not pleased.

Aside from that, however, Germany and Austria were very nice. After my trip there, I flew directly to Chicago to begin my summer internship at Northern Trust. This time, I have a cubicle next to a window. How cool is that? I also got a Sparc this time.

Miscellaneous stuff: The Hours is a good book and The Hours is a good movie. Never put sugar in espresso. “Schmuck” is Deutsch for jewelry. X-Men 2 was much better than the first one and is definitely worth seeing. The Matrix Reloaded is worth seeing for the fight scenes and special effects alone. I defer my opinion on the film until after having seen the final installment. About Schmidt was dissapointing (imho). I know you’re all desperately waiting for the Tuscany photos to be uploaded, but at the moment I do not have access to my negatives nor to a scanner, so I probably won’t have any photos uploaded until September. Sorry. Finally, for all you code-monkeys out there who have seen The Matrix Reloaded, check out my reverse-engineering of agent smith.

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