Summer Transitions

I finished my internship at Northern Trust. I found it to be a very rewarding experience. We drove home on Saturday. We left early in the afternoon, but with traffic and the weather, what should have been a six to seven hour drive from Chicago to Pittsburgh took about ten. Then we woke up early on Sunday to take my uncle to Baltimore. I got to drive! While I was in Baltimore, I visited my friend. We had a good time. Campus is really nice when there are not many people around. Later that day, we drove back. That’s a lot of driving for one weekend.

On Monday, I finally got to use my computer again. I set it up and everything was working fine. Then I broke it. The motherboard is suposed to support up to one gigabyte of memory, but for some reason it can’t handle more than half of that. So I decided to update the firmware. Then, I tried to reboot the computer and it would not. Now I am peeved because the machine is completely non-functional, and I cannot access many of my files because they are software stripped across two disks. My only hope now is that I win an ebay auction for a replacement motherboard. Of course, even if I win it, it is not guaranteed to work. In the meanwhile, I installed Debian on my laptop, which is “working” after a fashion. I think that I will switch to Redhat soon.

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