To a special woman:

Concerts at Ram’s Head Live, the Yabba Pot, the Aquarium, paddle boat rides, pedicures, vegan burgers, pumpkin pie, cookie, hiding under the bed, trips to the harbour when the Lion King is sold out, mango tango and “the usual”, tango in the parking lot, flaming tissue roses, Star Wars, summer movies, creepy ghost visions, cocktails and tapas at Red Maple, flamenco dancers, flowers, trips to DC, the Sandman, Death’s ankh, Murakami, letting you sleep, my dark corner at Sam’s, the ferret at Petco, vegan pancakes, afternoon tea at Xando, waking up early for work, lunch at Orient Express, Sunday night television, banana songs, car rides, getting lost, Radiohead covers, talented and effeminate drummers, Swan Dive, Tree Hugger, Fireman’s Pole, not letting go, evening walks and climbing trees… this summer couldn’t be any more perfect. Estella, mahal kita!

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