Living in Austin

This is long overdue for an update. So here is an account of some of the things I have been up to recently. August 31, my dad and I loaded a 16′ UHaul and attached a trailer so it could carry my car. September 1, left for Austin, stopped in Nashville for the night. September 2, drove from Nashville to Dallas. September 3, arrived at my new apartment in Austin.

Chloë was surprisingly cooperative during the whole trip. She did not complain nearly as much as she did during the four-hour drive from Baltimore to Pittsburgh. During that trip, I had given her a tranquilizer that her vet had prescribed. However, I read later, that for some cats, tranquilizers have more of an anxiolitic effect and so I did not give her anything for the trip to Austin. Chloë sat in her carrier, between me and my dad in the cab of the truck. She also seemed to enjoy herself in the hotel rooms that we stayed in. We just had a bit of a hard time getting her back into her carrier when we were leaving the second hotel. Fortunately, it was the last time she had to go in.

When we got to Austin, I picked up Estella from San Marcos and we unloaded the UHaul. The next day, we explored the city and saw some live music on 6th street, including the Steve South Band. My dad flew back to Pittsburgh on the 4th. I am now living in a very nice one-bedroom apartment. I will take pictures soon. For updated contact information, just ask me.

September 6, I started working at Esoterix Inc.. It’s a healthcare company, like I wanted and I’m a software engineer so I’m doing some of the stuff I learned how to do in school. Esoterix performs esoteric testing for doctors and hospitals as well as clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval.

So far, work has been fun. I get to program and I’ve had several assignments that have been helping me to get acclimated with the infrastructure. The codebase is huge, so that is easier said than done. But my coworkers have all been very nice and have been helping me learn the ins and outs of the development environment.

On September 10, Estella and I went to see her parents in Laredo. I finally got to see the town she grew up in and described beautifully in her poems. Oh, and I got to eat authentic Mexican food :-) . When we exited I-35 to get into Laredo, she said, “see that Mexican flag? It’s in Mexico.” On a side note, Texas has long stretches of highway that is relatively flat and has few curves. It is also not very heavily patrolled by state troopers. I found out that my car tops out at 115 mph.

Last weekend, Estella and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse for the first time. If you’re ever in Austin, you must check it out. They show independent films and serve a wide selection of beer. Also, I really liked Jim Jarmusch’s new film, Broken Flowers. This weekend, Estella and I are seeing the Austin City Limits Music Festival. So far, of the bands we have seen, my favourites are Keane, Aqualung, Death Cab for Cutie and Oasis. Tomorrow’s lineup includes Aterciopelados, Doves, Wilco and Coldplay.

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