Car Problems

This is a summary of the car issues I have had recently.

Last month, I totalled my Honda Accord. It was raining and I think my tires may have been low on pressure. I was driving along a downhill curve that I drive everyday at a speed that is normally safe for my car in the rain (probably around the 35 mph speed limit) when I started to slide to the outside. I wasn’t able to control the slide and I hit a parked car.

Anyway, over Thanksgiving, my dad visited and helped me get a new car, a silver 2006 Mazda RX-8. It’s a fun car and I’m finally driving a manual transmission. Four days after getting the car, I was driving Estella and my dad to brunch when a green Buick ahead of me pulls into the inclined driveway of a gas station. As I drive forward, I notice the car backing out of the driveway, so I stop. But the car keeps backing up until he hits me. Apparently his car had stalled while he was on the incline and he lost his power assisted brakes. The damage to the RX-8 was minor, but it was causing the front passenger side wheel to scrape against the wheel well. So I have been without a car for an additional week and it looks like it will be at the body shop for about another week.

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