I started experimenting with OpenID. I am using phpMyID as my identity provider and the WordPress OpenID Plugin to authenticate other OpenID users.

It does not appear to be working. I’m not able to log into all OpenID supported sites using phpMyID and when I try to log into my own site using my open id, I get “OpenID Authentication Failed: Bad signature.” from the plugin.

I seem to be able to log into but it is running 2.2, while I am running 2.3.

I got it working. On the OpenID Options page, where it says, “Include the trailing slash” under “Trust root”… be sure to do that.

Also, I had to make a small modification to support 2.3. I changed the reference to wp-admin/admin-db.php in openid-registration.php to wp-admin/includes/user.php, an idea I got from

Of course, now I am just worried about spam.

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