Tropical Teaser: Lost; Clues Decoded – The New York Times

ABC would love to find a way to restore the still substantial “Lost” audience to near the blockbuster level it reached when the show first became a phenomenon more than three years ago.

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Hitting It Off, Thanks to Algorithms of Love

As online matchmakers compete for customers using algorithms in the search for love, the battle has intrigued academic researchers who study the mating game.

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The Claim: Never Drink Hot Water From the Tap

The claim has the ring of a myth. But environmental scientists say it is real.

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At Elite Prep Schools, College-Size Endowments Over $1 Billion!

Endowments at some independent schools have become so big that trustees have hired full-time money managers.Average expenditures per student for public schools, not adjusted for inflation. rose 28 percent, to $8,809, between the 1999 and 2004 fiscal years. Spending by boarding schools rose 24 percent, to $37,566, in the five years ending June 30th.

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A Violation of Both the Law and the Spirit

If the children of the Green Mountains who vandalized a farmhouse once owned by Robert Frost knew of its history, then shame. If they did not know, then shame still.

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To Boldly Go Where Shakespeare Calls

Patrick Stewart is in the midst of a third act in his unlikely career that brings him full circle: back to England and back to the Shakespeare of his youth.

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NPR: Al-Qaida Leader Invites Web Questions

Day to Day, January 23, 2008 · Al-Qaida recently asked supporters to submit questions on the Web to the terrorist group. More than 2,000 inquiries posted on a message board are to be answered by Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

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A Little Nostalgia, a Long Fork and Lots of Cheese

Fondue is as simple to make as a toasted cheese sandwich, but more satisfying.

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Database assembles U.S. warnings of Saddam threat

WASHINGTON, Jan 23 (Reuters) – The Bush administration’s warnings about prewar Iraq, from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s “mushroom cloud” to Vice President Dick Cheney’s statements on weapons of mass destruction, were…

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Dubai’s Media Censors Tackle News, Sex and Politics

Every day before dawn, a crew of Indian workers from the Jashanmal National Company, gather in a warehouse in Dubai to censor the morning news.

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