Polynesian Wedding Tattoos

Estella and I want to get tattoos when we get married as permanent celebrations of our love for each other.

Right now, we are thinking of getting coordinating Polynesian tattoos. We would like something personalised for us that is also not offensive to any Polynesian culture.

We have found some limited information online, but [...]

xkcd – Exploits of a Mom



I started experimenting with OpenID. I am using phpMyID as my identity provider and the WordPress OpenID Plugin to authenticate other OpenID users.

It does not appear to be working. I’m not able to log into all OpenID supported sites using phpMyID and when I try to log into my own site using my open [...]


On Friday, 15 June 2007, I took Estella to the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown austin to celebrate our two-year anniversary. There, in room 506, I sat her on the bed and proposed. With tears in her eyes, she nodded. I pulled her into me and we kissed for the first time as fiancés. Elated, I put the ring on her finger. [...]

Car Problems

This is a summary of the car issues I have had recently.

Last month, I totalled my Honda Accord. It was raining and I think my tires may have been low on pressure. I was driving along a downhill curve that I drive everyday at a speed that is normally safe for my car [...]

Domain Name Expiration

For those of you who have this site linked or bookmarked as L0s.net or www.L0s.net, please update the links to point to carlos-m.net. L0s.net will expire on 17 April 2006. It was too confusing anyway. The “0″ kept getting confused for an “o”.

Living in Austin

This is long overdue for an update. So here is an account of some of the things I have been up to recently. August 31, my dad and I loaded a 16′ UHaul and attach a trailer so it can carry my car. September 1, leave for Austin, stop in Nashville for the night. September 2, drove from Nashville to Dallas. September 3, arriveed at my new apartment in Austin. [...]

71 New Photos

Not really new, just newly uploaded. This includes photos from Montréal, Italy and Germany that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple years now. Others are just photos that I’ve been shooting with my film camera that just needed to be scanned. All of these were scanned from the 5×7 prints because scanning from [...]

To a special woman:

Concerts at Ram’s Head Live, the Yabba Pot, the Aquarium, paddle boat rides, pedicures, vegan burgers, pumpkin pie, cookie, hiding under the bed, trips to the harbour when the Lion King is sold out, mango tango and “the usual”, tango in the parking lot, flaming tissue roses, Star Wars, summer movies, creepy ghost visions, cocktails [...]

And so it ends…


Your diploma hold has been released. Please come to the transcript window in the Office of the Regsitrar to receive your degree. If you have left Baltimore, please provide a current mailing address to receive your diploma. Otherwise, your diploma will be mailed to the permanent home address on record on Wednesday morning July [...]