Confession of Citizen 623589

A foreigner was caught trespassing on the palace grounds last month. His neck did not bear the number that uniquely identifies all living citizens of the state. He carried no papers and he spoke no language that anyone could understand. He was promptly arrested and my supervisor, citizen 392332, put me in charge of his incarceration. He would be the first prisoner to be entirely in my charge. […]


Aya and Nicole were best friends since grade school. They met at the San Francisco Conservatory where their parents had taken them every week for music lessons since they were both four years old. At the time, Aya was learning to play the violin and Nicole was learning to play the cello. For her age, Aya was remarkably good at the violin. Nicole longed to play as well as Aya — so much so that for a long time, she begged her parents to allow her to quit the cello to take up the violin. However, around the time when the girls turned thirteen, they found that their true calling was singing. But this was not the extent of their talents. By the time they were in high school, they were both accomplished dancers and played leading roles in their school’s musicals. […]

The Hammer PacketSphere Network Emulator

The Hammer PacketSphere is a cool looking device that when placed in one’s living room will cause visitors to marvel at the impressive looking piece of hardware. The visitors will then proceed to ask the owner of the device what exactly the machine does and they will be amazed at both said person’s technological knowledge and ownership of such a cool device. […]