Like a Quality Violin, Philip Marlowe Gets Better with Age

The classic antecedent films noirs to Farewell, My Lovely such as The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep and Edward Dmytryk’s adaptation of the same novel, Murder, My Sweet, focus on the ethical paths the protagonists chose and the moral decisions they face while unravelling mysteries in a seedy and corrupt world. However, Farewell, My Lovely goes beyond testing Marlowe’s mettle in a morally ambiguous environment. It tells the story of a man searching for meaning in a dynamic world where the only constant is death. […]

Billiards and Film

Anxiety plagued longing to make my shots curve at last, I massé

Hable con Ella was an excellent film. Some argue that it is Almodóvar’s best film so far. As of yet, I have only seen the film once, so I neither agree nor disagree — but I entertain the possibility. It was probably the […]

Withdrawal, Work and Film

After being deprived of pool for over two weeks, I was certain that I would soon lose my mind. The silly people at Dave and Buster are to blame. We went there two or three times, and each time we were not able to get a table because of silly private parties. Who has a private party at 14:00 on a Saturday anyway? […]

The Final Image in Les Quatre Cents Coups

In Les Quatre Cents Coups, François Truffaut exploits the medium of cinema to touch the audience in a novel way. In the film, he challenges the viewer to react morally outside the scope of the film. He culminates this in the final scene in which, during a soccer game Antoine escapes from incarceration. […]