With No Frills or Tuition, a College Draws Notice

Berea College, which charges no tuition and only accepts applicants from low-income families, provides an unusual perspective on how universities should handle endowments.

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Fallon Will Start ‘Late Night’ on the Web

NBC’s next edition of “Late Night,” with its new host Jimmy Fallon, will start as a nightly entry on the Internet.

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My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for Apple Rumor

Dr. Arnold Kim’s Web site, MacRumors.com, has become such a popular technology site, he has stopped practicing medicine to blog full time.

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At the Intersection of Synagogue and Boardwalk, a Feud

An Orthodox synagogue has been at quiet war with the owners of its next-door neighbor, a purveyor of T-shirts, bathing suits and undergarments.

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Overcoming the ‘Sway’ in Professional Life

“Sway” is a provocative new book about the psychological forces that lead us to disregard facts or logic and behave in surprisingly irrational ways. The book was written by two Israeli-born brothers, Ori Brafman, a serial entrepreneur and organizational behavior expert, and Rom Brafman, a practicing psychologist.

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In Paris, Burgers Turn Chic

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers have begun to invade Paris, even in restaurants run by three-star chefs.

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Pogue’s Posts: A Candy Store for the iPhone

You’re probably as sick of reading about the iPhone this week as I am of writing about it. But we’re not quite done.
The App Store–oh, man, the App Store. It’s a candy store, dude. It’s 550 free or cheap add-on programs that make the iPhone (or the iPod Touch) do absolutely amazing things…stunts a cellphone […]

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In Sync to Pierce the Cloud

Apple overhauls its .Mac service and calls it MobileMe, an effort to synchronize in real time all of the data on all of your computers.

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Recession Special: Free Booze with Forclosure Notice.

From Padre’s “free drink with foreclosure notice” special in Phoenix to NYC’s famed Gray’s Papaya $3.50 Recession Special, these restaurants and bars are profiting from penny-pinching specials.

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Dog Eat Your Taxes?

If Leona Helmsley’s $8 billion charitable bequest to dogs were only a matter of wasting her own money, no one would need to care. But she is wasting ours too.

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