Living in Austin

This is long overdue for an update. So here is an account of some of the things I have been up to recently. August 31, my dad and I loaded a 16′ UHaul and attached a trailer so it could carry my car. September 1, left for Austin, stopped in Nashville for the night. September 2, drove from Nashville to Dallas. September 3, arrived at my new apartment in Austin.
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71 New Photos

Not really new, just newly uploaded. This includes photos from Montréal, Italy and Germany that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple years now. Others are just photos that I’ve been shooting with my film camera that just needed to be scanned. All of these were scanned from the 5×7 prints because scanning from the negatives would have taken way too long.

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To a special woman:

Concerts at Ram’s Head Live, the Yabba Pot, the Aquarium, paddle boat rides, pedicures, vegan burgers, pumpkin pie, cookie, hiding under the bed, trips to the harbour when the Lion King is sold out, mango tango and “the usual”, tango in the parking lot, flaming tissue roses, Star Wars, summer movies, creepy ghost visions, cocktails and tapas at Red Maple, flamenco dancers, flowers, trips to DC, the Sandman, Death’s ankh, Murakami, letting you sleep, my dark corner at Sam’s, the ferret at Petco, vegan pancakes, afternoon tea at Xando, waking up early for work, lunch at Orient Express, Sunday night television, banana songs, car rides, getting lost, Radiohead covers, talented and effeminate drummers, Swan Dive, Tree Hugger, Fireman’s Pole, not letting go, evening walks and climbing trees… this summer couldn’t be any more perfect. Estella, mahal kita!



# Runs a file and stores output (if any) to log files. Meant to be run
# by cron jobs.
# -Los

unset PATH





$SH $TORUN > $TMPLOG 2> $TMPERR # only run Bourne Shell scripts


if [ -s $TMPLOG ]; then

if [ -s $TMPERR ]; then



# Sort mail from bugtraq mailing list
# -Carlos Macasaet

:0: bugtraq.lock
* ^List-ID:.*bugtraq\.list-id\.securityfocus\.com
| $RCVSTORE +bugtraq

And so it ends…


Your diploma hold has been released. Please come to the transcript window in the Office of the Regsitrar to receive your degree. If you have left Baltimore, please provide a current mailing address to receive your diploma.
Otherwise, your diploma will be mailed to the permanent home address on record on Wednesday morning July 13 if you do not respond with other instructions.

Gail L. Rauenzahn
Student Insurance/ Commencement Coordinator
Office of the Registrar

WordPress Coppermine Search Integration

I’ve modified the default search so that it will also search through the photo gallery. I achieved this by inspecting the Coppermine code for searching and then extending this plugin from Idahocline.

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Yay for RSS!

With a little help from the WordPress RSS Link List Plugin, a script that generates RSS feeds for MySpace blogs and some PHP hackery, I’ve updated the Links pages [ friends, news, magazines ] to include the top n posts from the linked sites. It’s a good thing. And no, I don’t have too much time on my hands.

site updates

WordPress is awesome. After enabling a couple plugins and hacking up the php a bit, I’ve made the site easier to navigate. I added Technorati tags to all of the posts. Also, the blogroll and links are XFN friendly. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions using the form at the bottom of every post. You can also sign up to receive e-mail notices of any updates.

In other news, my girlfriend brought me pretty flowers :-D . Anyway, I should probably get to sleep so I can get up early to start my homework that is due tomorrow 8O .

Regarding the Death of my Mother

My mother died on Saturday, 11 October 2003. We had found out that she had breast cancer in April of 1998. But, I knew that death was a part of life and that these things were inevitable. There was nothing unfair about it. We knew the cancer would take her life long before it actually did.

The summer after we found out about the cancer, the family took a trip to Italy. In an effort to avoid tourists and to save money, my mother had found a convent outside of Rome where we could stay. She loved to travel. Deep down, we were all concerned that this might be her last trip abroad. She had just started her chemotherapy and I teased her for counting the number of hair follicles she found on her pillow every morning.
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