WordPress Coppermine Search Integration

I’ve modified the default search so that it will also search through the photo gallery. I achieved this by inspecting the Coppermine code for searching and then extending this plugin from Idahocline.


Yay for RSS!

With a little help from the WordPress RSS Link List Plugin, a script that generates RSS feeds for MySpace blogs and some PHP hackery, I’ve updated the Links pages [ friends, news, magazines ] to include the top n posts from the linked sites. It’s a good thing. And no, I don’t have too much […]

site updates

WordPress is awesome. After enabling a couple plugins and hacking up the php a bit, I’ve made the site easier to navigate. I added Technorati tags to all of the posts. Also, the blogroll and links are XFN friendly. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions using the form at the bottom of every […]

Regarding the Death of my Mother

My mother died on Saturday, 11 October 2003. We had found out that she had breast cancer in April of 1998. But, I knew that death was a part of life and that these things were inevitable. There was nothing unfair about it. We knew the cancer would take her life long before it actually did. […]

Yet More Photos

Added more photos to the gallery: [ misc, Last Weeks at JHU ]

I also changed the layout of the gallery so it better matches the rest of this site. I also did some experimenting with mod_rewrite to make the urls more pretty. Right now, some things don’t work, but hopefully they won’t be noticeable.


More Photos

Since photo.net can be slow at times, I’ve migrated my photos here.

The gallery also has some new pictures.

New Photo Gallery

I’ve created a new photo gallery using Coppermine. I’ve uploaded most of the photos I have lying around on my hard drive including photos from commencement.

Photo Gallery: http://gallery.carlos-m.net/