My First Toastmasters Speech

I joined my company‘s Toastmasters club about eight months ago. I attended the meetings as often as I could, participating in the table topics and listening to the prepared speeches. I kept meaning to deliver a speech myself. The first one in the program is the icebreaker, which is meant to introduce the speaker to […]

Hack for Ikea Bookshelf with Missing Cross Brace

In 2003, while I was still in college and living in Baltimore, MD, I moved into an unfurnished apartment for the first time. One of the items I bought for the apartment was a 50 usd contemporary bookshelf from Ikea called the Enetri. It is a book shelf with four shelves supported by two wire […]

Wedding Website Launched

Estella and I launched a website for our wedding:

We will keep it up to date with information and announcements.

Engagement Photos on Flickr

Estella and I bought the print release for our engagement photos and have uploaded them to Flickr.

[ACM] Re: ext2/ext3 on-disk format

“Just on the general topic of recovering emails from “trashed” disks, has it occurred to you that there might be serious investigative applications for a product that does exactly what Asheesh wants? With all the emails getting lost in the White House and all… :-)”

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New Photo Gallery.

See my new Photo Gallery.

I’ve given in. My photos are now on Flickr. I’m using FAlbum to integrate them with WordPress.

Engagement Photos

Our engagement photos are online! To access them, you will need to enter Estella‘s e-mail address.

Our photographer was Travis Gagnon. He will also be photographing our wedding and we highly recommend him.

Tattoo Research

I just got the book Tattoo History: A Source Book by Steve Gilbert (ISBN 1-890451-06-1). It seems pretty comprehensive. Hopefully it will give us some good ideas.

See more progress on: Choose Wedding Tattoos

Fermenting Revolution Talk at JHU

For some reason or other, my alma mater decided it would not advertise this on-campus event.

Cristopher O’Brien, the author of Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World will be reading and signing books. This will take place on Saturday, 10 November 2007 from 18:00 to 19:00 EST at the Sherwood Room […]

Gmail Supports IMAP

I don’t know when it happened, but Google finally lets you access your Gmail account using IMAP. In addition, you can configure your client to send e-mail through Google’s smtp server.