Front Porch Journal

A review of Michael Earl Craig’s “Yes, Master” by Estella Ramirez.

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The demitasse cylindrical single arm akimbo waiting […]


Would you believe it I broke and sank the 9-ball my first time ever


Procail is working and with nmh no less my life is complete.


Sa Mendez ako kumitang liwanag Amat Ina ko poy anak din sa hirap Sa sinop ni Ama at kay Inang sikap Maligaya po kami sa lahat ng oras. […]

Oakland (of Pittsurgh)

The afternoon sun shines on the grass covered hill Families come accompanying young children Students of the nearby colleges walk from their dorms Frisbees fly through the air The Cathedral of Learning serves as a backdrop to people setting up the large white screen […]

The English Student I Should Have Been

The English student I should have been looks intelligent And he always dresses nicely He would have longer hair But not too long and parted at the side […]


The mild air of spring chirping birds fly through the sky such a peaceful day. […]