Wedding Website Launched

Estella and I launched a website for our wedding:

We will keep it up to date with information and announcements.

Silicon Valley Starts to Turn Its Face to the Sun

Given the valley’s tremendous success in recent years with such down-to-earth products as search engines and music players, tackling solar power might seem improbable. Yet some of the valley’s best brains are captivated by the challenge, and they hope to put the development of solar technologies onto a faster track.

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Smugglers Return iPhones to China

The strange journey of Apple’s popular iPhone is another sign of its extraordinary popularity and a blow to the company’s business model.

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The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors

We can always tell ourselves that it’s good to keep options open, but is it really?

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Sorry, Boys, This Is Our Domain

Research shows that among the youngest Internet users, the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, Web sites) are not misfits resembling the Lone Gunmen of “The X Files.”

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The Sharper Image Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The 31-year-old purveyor of futuristic adult gadgetry like $5,000 massage chairs and $300 robotic vacuum cleaners has suffered slipping sales for years.

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Facebook ‘sees decline in users’

Social networking site Facebook has seen its first drop in UK users in January, new industry data indicates.

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Yes YFemale G spot ‘can be detected’

The mysterious G spot – supposedly a route to female sexual satisfaction – can be located with ultrasound, claim Italian scientists.

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At Harvard, a Proposal to Publish Free on Web

Publish or perish has long been the burden of every aspiring university professor. But the question the Harvard faculty will decide on Tuesday is whether to publish — on the Web, at least — free.

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For Perhaps $490 a Month, a Home on the Hudson River

A permit to dock a boat is one of the last real estate bargains in Manhattan. Despite complaints, the city has agreed to grant new permits for the 79th Street Boat Basin by next year.

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