Wedding Website Launched

Estella and I launched a website for our wedding:

We will keep it up to date with information and announcements.

Engagement Photos on Flickr

Estella and I bought the print release for our engagement photos and have uploaded them to Flickr.

Engagement Photos

Our engagement photos are online! To access them, you will need to enter Estella‘s e-mail address.

Our photographer was Travis Gagnon. He will also be photographing our wedding and we highly recommend him.

Polynesian Wedding Tattoos

Estella and I want to get tattoos when we get married as permanent celebrations of our love for each other.

Right now, we are thinking of getting coordinating Polynesian tattoos. We would like something personalised for us that is also not offensive to any Polynesian culture.

We have found some limited information online, but […]


On Friday, 15 June 2007, I took Estella to the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown austin to celebrate our two-year anniversary. There, in room 506, I sat her on the bed and proposed. With tears in her eyes, she nodded. I pulled her into me and we kissed for the first time as fiancĂ©s. Elated, I put the ring on her finger. […]